NFTRH+; Double bottom in this market ratio?

I highlight things I see during the week expecting us not to over-react but instead, consider. What I see today is Healthcare (XLV) testing the April low in relation to the broad US market (SPY). May be be nothing, may be something (in the form of a double bottom). I have held healthcare related items despite the poor performance vs. the broad market because of … Continue reading NFTRH+; Double bottom in this market ratio?

NFTRH+; Macro update

While it appears that the next and possibly final leg* of the inflation is underway, the US dollar and Gold/Silver ratio (our macro indicators that would guide the other way toward liquidity problems and possible deflation scare) have not given up, although the GSR has weakened appreciably of late. USD (DXY) halted at target #1 back in September and has been dropping within its intact … Continue reading NFTRH+; Macro update