NFTRH+; and still they ride

The thorn in the inflation trades’ side continues apace. That thorn is the combo of the US dollar and the Gold/Silver ratio, each of which have maintained their uptrends. Until they break down there should be no whole hog commitment to a longer-term inflation trade, in my opinion. Or at least the realization that if you do there is an ongoing negative indicator in play. … Continue reading NFTRH+; and still they ride

NFTRH+; Gold, silver & HUI update

What is still only a routine and thus far healthy correction for stocks grinds on. As would be expected, gold is firmer with this backdrop of angst. However, it still trends down in ratio to stocks, commodities, materials and other markets positively correlated to cyclical inflation.* We have projected that an oversold bounce or even trade-able rally can happen at any time in the precious … Continue reading NFTRH+; Gold, silver & HUI update