NFTRH+; Cloudy with a chance of thunder

The title is my way of saying CLOU and other growth areas have a chance to rally while bond yields drop.

With the back-off in yields growth stocks are logically getting a bounce in relation to value stocks, just as it worked in reverse when yields were rising. Since I view the bigger picture as one where yields will rise again this is only considered counter-trend at this time.

Week after week we have been noting the intermediate bear trend in the Cloud stuff as represented by this ETF. Today CLOU is poking above the SMA 50 after re-taking the SMA 200. It could well be destined for a lower high to the April high and not really worth the noise of this update. But having recently added growth/story stocks like SMAR, JMIA and CRSP, as well as a couple of Biotech stocks last week, I thought it worth while to put up a picture showing a technical picture

These items are rising in conjunction with the move noted on TLT in the previous update. Even if that move is real this is counter-trend stuff and could be a fake out. But then again, maybe it will have a little persistence to it for a while. FYI.