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The #Reddit craze, part 2

Now the financial media are going full frontal casino patron without even the pretense that they are something to be seriously considered. Eyeballs, baby. Eyeballs. Harvest ’em by any means possible. Worse still, it’s BoA that’s doing to the touting that the media are re-touting.

These are the next Reddit stocks to watch, according to Bank of America

So dunderheads on Reddit have been echo pumping to the big time January pump that put them on front pages of not only the financial media, but the wider MSM.

Last time I criticized this crap I got a lot of blow back about how the hedge funds have been screwing little people for decades and now this is the comeuppance.

Ah, no. It’s a bunch of promoters pumping retail that has no idea what investing actually is (like the quaint old notion of risk management first, speculation second). It’s the pigs that run AMC capitalizing on the pump…

AMC files to sell 11 million shares — stock immediately tanks

…and folks, it sure does look like what I noted just yesterday in the NFTRH Trade Log…

Frankly, I am not in love with market risk at this time and wondering if maybe some of these Reddit style events going on (ref. AMC, etc.) are ending stages stuff.

And speaking of contrary indicators, none of us are immune. Certainly not me. When I publicly tout my own screw ups it allows me to make fun of the broad casino and media cacophony at will. In this case we morph the old ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone’ into let he who admits his sins also shine a light on those of others. Again and again and again.

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