What the HL is going on here?

HL hits and exceeds target in the 8s

I have traded the gold stock rally as I’ve felt I needed to. Signaling entry into this then-‘bounce only’ trade was Franco, which would lead them, on the bombed out lows. I’ve since sold FNV as I have some others. I’ve also added others and held others still while evaluating the rally.

For the longest time I nursed a paper loss on HL, turned it to a paper profit, lost that and continued to hold. Why? The chart I say. The chart never broke down and indeed never lost its daily uptrends. Sometimes it’s a grind, man. Then one fine day…

hecla mining

By fundamental accounts from those I trust it’s a quality miner, so why not let it ride a while? Especially since the profit (currently 35%) is taxable. I want to be sure about what this rally is or is not before I make too many buy/sell decisions. So for now I just hold HL as has been the case for months now.

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