Bitcoin Buy Target (attn: subscribers & anyone else interested)

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A couple of subscribers pinged me about this. Yup, I left a 0 off of the projected pullback level I’d consider buying any Bitcoin related investment at. It should have been 40,000, not 4,000. A corrected copy of NFTRH 651 has been uploaded to the archive. I’d love it if you’d go get it and discard the old one.

Here are the charts again, along with the corrected commentary from #651:

Bitcoin followed the negative RSI divergence and nasty MACD we’ve been noting and got dope hammered below the SMA 50. A one shot deal or something more? I don’t care about the answer because I will only consider anything BTC related if it drops to or below [40,000]. Otherwise, it’s the rampant speculation I think it’s been since December.


The weekly chart is intact to its EMA 20, which has supported it all the way up. So it’s still got a shot to hold here. But again, speaking personally no drop to [40,000], then no speculation for this old fashioned gold guy.