Ain’t it Fun

Sometimes I clear out the bullshit of a long market week by hitting the treadmill with headphones (hit the track in the summer). This week I happened to find the Dead Boys in my headphones. It worked.

It’s amazing how many great bands and performers came out of Akron or Cleveland. Pere Ubu, Joseph Arthur, The Pagans, Trent Reznor… ha ha ha, even Devo. But also, the Dead Boys.

In this song Stiv sings “ain’t if fun when you know that you’re gonna die young” and do you know what? I always thought he OD’d. Well, it turns out he died after getting hit by a taxi cab in France. He decided that he was okay, didn’t want to wait for the doctor anymore and then died in his sleep that night. That’s pretty punk I guess. GnR fans may recognize this song as covered on the Spaghetti Incident.