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#642 was the balls, as we used to say when I was growing up. When I finished it and re-read it (as much for my own eduction as to edit typos) I had the feeling that this thing is completely on point defining where we are at, what’s ahead and what are the potentials and risks.

Does it go the guru/swami way of making predictions. Ha ha ha. Ah, no. Does it define where we’ve been, what brought us here and even what is likely out ahead? Ah, yes. Parameters to favored views? Yes. Rational discussion of potentials and risks? Yes. Oh and tons of stock charts? Yes, regular stocks and miners.

NFTRH 642 is more compact at 47 pages (vs. the usual 65-70+) as I’ve decided to bludgeon people less with things we either already know or are confirming, in favor of more dynamic information at this key macro juncture. It’s the old corporate lingo “Continuous Improvement” put into action. This report really helped me out as Gary the market participant, as well.

nftrh 642

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