Gold is So Normal it Ain’t Funny

The metal that Huey digs from the bowels of the earth is fine You see, with silver out-performing gold (since well before the #silversqueeze promotion), with inflation expectations rising, with cyclical commodities rising, with the government set to panic a shit load more fiscal policy into the economy… gold is normal. It is still unwinding a blow off in fear and angst after the deflationary … Continue reading Gold is So Normal it Ain’t Funny

NFTRH+; HUI on Plan

It’s as simple as that. HUI is on a plan that includes if not favors a drop to the confluence of lateral support and the lower line of the downtrend channel, as it slips below the neckline once again. Daily chart below. The latest indignity in Goldbugville comes after that stupid #silversqueeze promotion which, in hindsight is all too fitting. I am disappointed in myself … Continue reading NFTRH+; HUI on Plan

Worthwhile Interview [w/ edit]

Kitco interview with Dan Oliver [edit] He also makes note of the tanking velocity of money and dismisses it as the product of inputs that have no real relevance (or something along those lines). Point is, deflationists to this day continue to go on and on about money velocity and are thus perma-prevented from investing for inflation. A liquidation will probably come, unless this time … Continue reading Worthwhile Interview [w/ edit]