Oh Sisko, Say it Ain’t So

Osisko Mining place holds some cheerleading

Thanks to subscriber JB for the heads up…

Osisko Mining (OSK.TO/OBNNF) is a stock I held and held as it went nowhere for months on end. Finally, I decided that a good property in a good location was not enough. I associate the name Osisko, whether as per the Royalty company of the same name or this exploration company, with large Canadian good ole’ boyz. I am not sure why, but over the years I’ve had input that too many wise guys up there are involved.

So it’s my fault that I got dead monied in this story. I rectified that by taking a manageable loss as OBNNF once again sagged below the moving averages a few weeks ago. Now, it is doing what I thought I was avoiding when I dumped it. The sideways amble has morphed into a disgusting pattern that is now active with a break of the neckline.

osisko mining

But wait! Osisko has some superlative news for you in the latest drilling results! They just forgot to edit them over the place holder. Or maybe the results weren’t so great (I did not read the release) and the hype department left well enough alone and forgot to remove the place holder. It would be funny, but I lost money here. So I am sure, did many other non-insiders and non-Canadian ole’ boyz.

So screw you and your superlatives. When I was invested and would check the news updates I was a little uncomfortable with the headline cheerleading. I figured okay, they’re a little enthusiastic but whatever. But seeing this place holder is just downright bogus. Guys, you might want to edit your website. Supposedly the news is flying all around Goldbugville already.


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