Pandemic: Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

In imposing societal/economic lock downs 1 and now 2, some damage being done is highly visible. For example, overrun hospital capacity and ICU beds on the latest COVID-19 spike. Also visible is the divisive and rancorous split in American society right down party lines. This creep with the red stalks coming out of his head is instigating much of it.


But there is invisible damage being done to young people, who are at almost no risk of serious illness due to Coronavirus. We all know this. Any of you out there with kids know what I am talking about. My daughter spent months locked up in a small studio apartment in New York with virtually no interaction with the outside world other than by phone or her computer screen. I am so proud of how she handled that. My other daughter, living here at home was done no service whatsoever by the isolation that dragged on month after month after month.

By way of 321gold, I found this article about epidemic depression levels in young people. The article does not feel like it is playing politics for one viewpoint or another. It just points out what is happening to one all too seldom considered group amid the societal and economic devestation.

Harvard Researchers: Nearly Half of Young Adults Showing Signs of Depression Amid Pandemic

“The uncomfortable truth is that no policy can save lives; it can only trade lives. Good policies result in a net positive tradeoff. But we have no idea whether the tradeoff is a net positive until we take a sober look at the cost of saving lives. And we can’t do that until we stop with the ‘if it saves just one life’ nonsense.”

It’s sad, because young people are supposed to live and thrive. Instead they – many of whom are in formative years – are forced to settle for simply existing.

Get the vaccines released, get them into the arms of vulnerable people and get/keep this damn economy open!

While completely pissed at the un-masked people breathing COVID all over each other (I mean, it’s minor inconvenience for a few minutes or hours a day), I do come down on the side that views lock downs as Draconian. The people in favor obviously do not rationally consider what it means to work certain types of jobs for a living. Key word: living. What young people are going through (school shut downs, social shut downs, work shut downs, etc.) is going to have long-term effects, and not just on mental health.

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