Hooray! For the USA

PT boat on the way to Havana
I used to make a living, man
Pickin’ the banana
Now I’m a guide for the CIA
Hooray! for the USA

Well, I have a yard with a knocked down tree and a million leaves still on the ground. It’s a beautiful day and duty calls. Have a good one, which ever side you’re on. In Florida it was a Havana affair. In Pennsylvania it’s a mail in ballot affair.

While I’m at it, how about my favorite song from the Ramones’ first album? Done live here. Side note: Johnny was one of the most hard assed right wing people on the planet. Musically, all he knew was full on attack mode. Rest his soul. Rest all their souls, I loved this band when I was young. Not a fan of his Yankees shirt though. [edit] Joey was liberal and he and Johnny often did not get on well. Perfect.