NFTRH+; US Dollar

Well, at least my Euro short (EUO) did well today. It will basically follow the chart of DXY below. I have been adding to the EUO position as a hedge against the macro and simply because I don’t buy the Euro – literally or figuratively – and its contrary situation (commercial hedgers’ historic net short and the public over bullish). So today those positions finally … Continue reading NFTRH+; US Dollar

NFTRH+; The Doctor is in the House

This morning the copper price has ticked a new recovery high after successfully testing the 50 day moving average. It has tentatively poked through the round number resistance at 3. Additionally, this represents another stab through the trend line from 2011. This is tentative, but since it is a second attempt and has touched a higher high on the daily chart above it is constructive. … Continue reading NFTRH+; The Doctor is in the House