Does my contempt for Trump indicate a Democrat bias?

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Ha ha ha, that’s the short answer. The longer answer is (based on an email received about my obvious hatred of Trump after my comment in this post)…

In case anyone else is wondering, I obviously cannot stand Donald Trump (hate is too strong a word, as I think about him more as a disgusting, selfish and narcissistic “clown” than I do with hatred).

If you are a Trump supporter * and let politics interfere with your investing you should not be subscribed to my service. NFTRH is unbiased despite what its writer thinks. If you have bias, you don’t want this service because at some point I’m going to be doing analysis that is against my own personal wishes (like for example a bullish stock market going up in favor of Trump), which means that depending on your orientation at some point I’ll be doing analysis that goes against your wishes too. If you’re biased you won’t like that.

To publicly answer the emailer’s question (though I fail to see why it matters) about whether my contempt for Trump means I am a Biden and Democrat supporter.

Ha ha ha. If you’ve read me over the years you know the answer to that already. Why does one thing have to equal the other? I in essence distrust (at best) both parties but I would rather have a reputable Republican in office than a Democrat. But the key word is reputable and that word is relative in politics. In absolute terms, I think most of them flat out suck. And Trump is just a mess.

I feared and could not stand Al Gore, I feared Obama (although he did not quite live up to my fears in real life), I could not stand Hilary Clinton and I think that if Biden gets in office a really bad door is going to open and a lot of unsavory stuff is going to come through it. I see him as a potential Trojan Horse. Yet still I want Trump removed. That’s how bad I think he is for America.

So that’s my answer (again).

Now I look forward to getting back to the markets as I have to admit I did not need to write that editorial comment about Trump in the previous post.

* I have heard from some Trump supporters who don’t like what I write about him and yet are not threatened by it. That’s called mental toughness.