A Couple of Enthusiastic Responses to NFTRH 615

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As noted in the ‘out now’ post #615 was helpful to me and I thought it was a good one overall. But when I get responses like this pertaining to the report…

“OMFG THIS report is so good. Those weeklies are so crisp. A+++++++++++”  -Joe F  8.9.20

…and responses like this from a subscriber who just sprung for an annual sub to NFTRH for a friend…

“You can use my voice for promotion because it’s real. I’ve made so much fucking money for a $288 fee that I almost feel guilty. You should charge way more!”… [received after requesting permission to quote his err, enthusiastic note below]

“Dude, You’ve made me so much money I thought about sending a blank check. You are fucking awesome.”  -Travis C  8.9.20

…well, I like it.

I also got a cancellation today from a new subscriber who noted…

“This is way too much for me. Please cancel.”

So yeah, if you will not or cannot put in some time and energy, don’t subscribe. I put it in and subscribers need to do some of that too or it’s a waste. This is not a guru service with some genius issuing instructions to a herd.

Final note: The rate is increasing soon. If you’re thinking about it, don’t think too long. Once it increases, dat’s it.

An end of summer 2020 price increase is coming. Subscribe to the value-priced NFTRH now to lock in the current rate for the life of your subscription! Current subscribers will never see an increase and have never seen increases since the service began in 2008.

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