NFTRH+; GDX & GDXJ 15 min. Charts by Request

[edit] A chart was uploaded to the Trade Log Notes showing the GDX gap filled already.

From a subscriber just now…

Gary – Hate to ask it, but could you provide a micro-managed / intra-daily view on GDX?

Here is GDX 15 min. It held the support zone from the last time we viewed it on Monday and blasted upward. A new gap was left this morning. GDX may or may not fill that gap in short order, but the key is the support that coincides with the filling of that gap as shown.


GDXJ is fading as well with a fat gap of its own. If it chooses to fill the situation would still be normal unless there is a hard break of noted support. Remember, these are short-term day trader type charts and the moves look more dramatic than they would appear on a daily chart. So I am just trying to provide some perspective here. They could lose the noted support levels and that in and of itself would not mean the end of the rally when viewing daily charts.