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One downside of being a 7 day a week worker is that so much of American culture slips by me. Wait, that is probably an upside considering the perma-stupid gaining an upper hand in this country.

Anyway, I hear “Karen” this and “Ken” that and think there’s some kind of a meme out there but I don’t really know what it is because I am too busy checking the trend lines of stock ABC or the revenue growth on stock XYZ. Or looking at and comparing indicators, macro relationships, sentiment and all that.

This morning while having my coffee I decided to look closer at this #karen thing after reading an article about Karens and Kens (AKA Kevins) at MarketWatch. MarketWatch of all places. So I went to see what Twitter had to say about it.

80% of Karens appear to be in need of some exercise and 100% could use mental health services, and most Kens are doughy men in polo shirts like the clown waddling around in front of his estate in Florida with an AK-47 standing off the unwashed hordes. They all appear to have the intellectual depth of wet cardboard and what’s with the mouth breathing? There it is again. Nobody wants to see your ugly maw, Karen. Even after the pandemic hits the dustbin of history.

On a lighter note…