Humbled Once Again by a Subscriber’s Input

From subscriber GZ…

Hey Gary…..just a quick note to say thanks! My trading has improved markedly since I began my subscription and I owe a lot of the credit to you. I have learned so much by observing your process as well as the thoughts and reasoning that accompany that process. Your honesty, humor and candidness are a the perfect complement to your skilled technical analysis. Best newsletter ever!

He went on to provide some information that leads me to believe he’d be just fine without me. But it continually humbles me to hear from smart, accomplished people (pros among them) who tell me they are learning from the NFTRH service. It’s all about learning, for all of us. You go to some trading captain or man who exclusively stares at charts and enthralls you with what he sees and that is little more than monkey see, monkey do.

I will not always be right, but then again I don’t need to be. The NFTRH modus operandi is what I call touchy feely. No predictions, no Guru wannabe bullshit. No promotions. Just probabilities and an ability to adjust in an unbiased way. It’s the only way a forthright market participant who wants to be in line with said market should operate.

Sure, this is a promo (with GZ’s permission). But I believe and live by every word of it. I strive for NFTRH to be the best there is in its space and another thing… I firmly believe it is, by a wide margin.

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