Yesterday’s NFTRH+ Post on the Silver/Gold Ratio Now Public

Because when you work really hard to help people not only make money when appropriate but also to preserve capital when appropriate, I think it pays to promote that once in a while.

In NFTRH and mostly in interim updates we’ve been focusing on the Silver/Gold ratio (SGR) for months now because it is an indicator to a certain macro backdrop if it can break its bear trend. It has not broken its bear trend but it did hit the ultimate target we’ve been anticipating yesterday.

If you’d like the details, go check out the subscriber update:

NFTRH+; Silver/Gold Ratio

The guy down the street simply staring at charts is not giving you this critical and timely information. He is staring at nominal charts and making educated guesses. That is because he is not tuned in to the macro, the hidden indicators that make it tick and by extension, the conclusions they beg. Yesterday was a day to begin some profit taking in non-essentials, which I did and recommended for those who are not purely investors.

From yesterday’s update:

This target was established for a reason and that reason was to stake out an area for profit taking. As such, I intend to take some today. I am not telling others what to do (there are still people known as investors out there) but for me not to be taking at least some profits in the precious metals and the wider reflation trades would seem greedy.

Me being me, I added in some editorial commenting as well.

This is of course a reaction to the US dollar doing this [bearish chart]. It is now very bearish and yet another lower low could seal its fate to a longer-term downtrend. So let’s not lose sight of the fact that the boom in silver and the reflationary macro are due to the desire of US political and monetary leaders to weaken the dollar. Their efforts may well succeed, but these clowns did not suddenly become market manipulating geniuses over night. There will be volatility on the way to the new Banana Republic.

What I meant by that is that 99% of participants believe that Trump and the Fed are all powerful in their ability to devalue the funny munny denominating asset markets. I do not believe they are. I believe that the US dollar and the flip side of the SGR (duh, the Gold/Silver ratio) are capable of rebellion. They may lose the war, but there will be blood spilled on both sides.

Here is the updated version of the weekly SGR chart included in the update (which also includes a daily and monthly). I don’t know what silver or its ratio to gold are going to do from here on, although I have a hunch. But going forward consider how valuable it might be to have an unbiased signal watcher on duty not only on the weekend but critically, during the week as well.

SGR just hit a failure point or a gateway. Either way, there will be changes coming with very different investment objectives depending on what comes next. Oh and as the note below says, a price increase is coming because I believe I do way too much quality work compared to other comparably or higher priced services.

silver/gold ratio

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