It’s a Rumble

Really, that is what this market is. It feels like a slam dance pit.

As America changes before our eyes into something not familiar to many of us (thank you to the fake conservatives caring little about history and blindly backing Trump no matter what) here is something that is familiar.

You probably have not seen Link Wray or maybe even not heard of him. Well, you’ve heard the music in films anyway. That dark Rockabilly was Link. As I recall he got his sound by jabbing his amp speaker with a sharp pencil and voila, a distorted and dark sound was born. I saw him in a bar a couple towns over a bunch of years ago. By then he was a little old man with a ponytail leading a band of kids wearing a black leather jacket and a big smile on his face. I loved it.

Here’s probably his most recognizable song. But check out the second video of he and his band live in the 70s. It really cooks.