DVAX Launch Hits Escape Velocity

The terminology is in honor of the SpaceX launch. But what else can I call this thing that DVAX did? I patiently watched it make a severe bull flag pullback to the up-turning SMA 200 and fill a gap. There I bought it, figuring that the COVID-19 vaccine hype was out of the stock. There I thought I had a good entry for a longer-term hold of a company I’d like to see execute on the commercialization of its Hepatitis vaccine.

This Fool has some reasons why DVAX has exploded again. Yup, it appears the COVID-19 hype is still in there. I sold 40% of the position today because it got too big after a 60% launch in 2 days. But I’d really like to think there is something positive going on here with the company’s thus far lumpy performance in commercializing its Heplisav-B vaccine. And hey, I’ll take the COVID angle too if it were to pan out.

I looked around at several stocks on which to potentially take profits and could not find any yet that I wanted to do that with other than DVAX here. Silver stocks? Nope, not yet. Goldies? Same thing. Remote Tech? No, not yet. But it does feel like it’s getting too easy to make gains out there now. We’re all geniuses, and that is concerning because we’re not. So my view can change on a dime in a high risk, news and sentiment-driven market.


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