A Treasure Trove of Gold Views [w/ edit]

Check out the complete nerd fest at Yardeni.

This chart of gold and the various presidential terms is neither the most interesting nor the most telling, analytically. But it does tell a story nonetheless, especially as the gold price anticipated and then acted upon the closing of the window in a final severing of gold from the US dollar and cementing its status as ‘not [official] money’ during the Nixon administration.

gold price

And Carter? All the WIN sloganeering in the world was not going to put the Genie back in the bottle until Paul Volcker was finally able to crank interest rates to the level required to restore order (and confidence). [edit] An alert subscriber informs me that “Whip Inflation Now was a Gerald Ford campaign. 1974.”

I make a big point about how gold, especially in the modern era, is not about inflation. It can be about inflation but it can be about a lot of other economic conditions related to public confidence as well. The post-Volcker period on through the pre-Bush 2 period was a time of confidence. Post Clinton? Err, not so much. And it has included both inflationary and deflationary phases.

But there I go, rambling on about just one aspect of the chart set. Check out the Yardeni link above and marvel at all the different ways we can look at the gold price, and consider them.

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