I love NFTRH subscribers

I love NFTRH subscribers, and it’s certainly not because they say a lot of nice things about the service. That I appreciate. But something one sub’er did this week reminded me of why I have had nothing but warm thoughts for the whole of the subscriber base.

The overwhelming majority of subscriptions are by PayPal. But a few use payment apps (Zelle), direct wire transfers or personal checks. A gentleman who is a long-term subscriber recently sent me a check for a yearly renewal. I checked my record and saw that he had already sent a payment in January when the renewal was due. I told him that I think he duplicated payment, we’re all set. He informed me that no record of a cashed check had appeared in his account so he sent another one. I’m like ‘duh, let me check my bank account’.

Sure enough, I had made a remote deposit but had not followed the bank’s instructions properly and they had rejected the deposit. I did not do sufficient work to catch that. I made an assumption that it was deposited. But the sub’er did not. He corrected the issue. He could have just ridden my mistake at no fault of his own. But no, he has integrity and as with other sub’ers I’ve been lucky enough to interact with over the years it is to my benefit and by far the most satisfying part of my job (to know that NFTRH is different from the newsletter herd and as such it attracts a certain class of people).