NFTRH 595 Out Now

The format is altered from normal even further this week. The idea is to talk about what needs to be talked about and not flog people with the stuff that we already know, even for review. What is actionable in the here and now, what will give the best macro signals? What stands to be the new investment order post-pandemic, considering the monetary and fiscal howitzers in play and a world mindset likely altered for the long-term from here on?

With cash (and thus, strength) it is time to ask these questions, see what looks like it’ll be working coming out of this and yeah, even suck our thumbs a little (wash thoroughly!) while doing so, if that provides comfort. I think the world itself pivots on the 2 Horsemen (Gold/Silver ratio & USD) or more accurately, the liquidity destruction they represent. We begin the process of watching for signs, a little flicker of which showed up last week.

We also review stocks that went up last week, and why. We look at long-term inter-market trends, sectors leading to the upside and others leading to the downside… and try to figure out why. And on and on, a more conversational report with a lot of easy to view charts to back up all opinions.

nftrh 595

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