NFTRH+; This Opportunity Was Bound to Come About

Of course, I took my profit on NVTA a little too soon upon hearing that it had been pumped by the Motley Fool. I sold and then it kept going up… until it didn’t. Now it is going down and a very clear support area is shown at the 200 day moving average. This is no recommendation for a still-speculative story stock, but it is … Continue reading NFTRH+; This Opportunity Was Bound to Come About

Inflation (lack of) Expectations [w/edit]

[edit] I neglected to include an important one from a different vantage point, the Silver/Gold ratio. So let’s tuck it in right here at the top of the post. While there are other utilities for this indicator, a decline is surely in keeping with the deflationary hints of the charts that follow and if silver gets out of hand vs. gold to the upside one … Continue reading Inflation (lack of) Expectations [w/edit]