NFTRH; HUI & HUI/Gold Ratio

The last update, after noting a break below the first comfort zone by the HUI/Gold ratio and HUI’s further pullback potential, ended with this… If HUI holds its normal zone of 220-225 then fine, we’ll re-bull. But it has not even tested it yet. Okay Huey, good job so far. Yesterday’s low was 223.18, as the index dropped and then reversed upward from the ‘comfortable’ … Continue reading NFTRH; HUI & HUI/Gold Ratio

US Stock Market Sentiment

A mid-week sentiment update on our friendly bloated hog, the US stock market… The post-breakout rally in SPX (weekly) has been the robo variety. It has feasted on sentiment twitches first from the remaining trade war reverberations, then the Santa seasonal and finally the little US-Iran war drums reset. The NFTRH targets have been (roughly speaking) 3200 , 3300 (almost) and a silly target that … Continue reading US Stock Market Sentiment