A Couple Commodity Outliers Make Moves

We’ve been tracking the Lithium fund (not at all a pure play on Lithium, by the way) all along and put it on radar more acutely along with a couple of premier Lithium stocks back in the holiday abbreviated (read: more fun for me to write) editions of NFTRH.

Here’s the weekly chart of LIT (the featured image above is a daily) as it stands today. The move started from a notable support area and if 2020’s macro goes a certain way it’ll go much higher. If it goes another way, it will have just been a seasonal play with so many others jumping around right now.


The REE fund is one I pay less attention to, but there it goes too.


‘Now’ think the Uranium bugs… ‘if only we can get in on this too’. Personally, I won’t touch it until it makes a sign of some kind. The damage all that hype emanating from the orifices of “the original Uranium bug” (can’t remember his name but love the nickname he gave himself) appears eternal. It reminds me of the PEAK OIL!!! bugs from around the same time frame.


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