NFTRH; A Look Inside the Precious Metals

Just a simple update to note…

The HUI/Gold (GLD) ratio is still intact on the pullback.

hui gold ratio

The SIL/Silver (SLV) is also.

sil silver ratio

These remain fine as long as they don’t make lower lows to the December pullbacks.

For my part today I shorted gold (not a reco by any means, and also considering I am long the actual metal and miners) * and net added miners by reducing SSRM but buying AXU, MAIFF (MAI.V) and SGSVF (SBB.TO) on pullbacks. The latter two are in addition to already held positions in the Canadian listings. When factoring in regular stock market holdings and cash the short-term goal is as boring as ever… balance.

* Took a shot. Not overly committed like a gold bear would be. I just don’t like the war drums it’s gotten caught up with.