2020 Opens With a Gold Bug 180°

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Aside from the flip by one of the 2 Gold Bears (the other has already flipped) noted earlier, below are some headlines adorning the gold sites this week. The only missing ingredients are the DEATH OF THE DOLLAR headlines. Funny what a rising gold price does for peoples’ spirits.

I am not bearish on the precious metals. In light of this anecdotal sentiment boost I am guarded sure, but long a bunch of miners, explorers and royalities and short nothing (while still balanced with some broad stocks and increased cash). But I have seen this movie before and it feels like the inflationist bugs coming out to play… and pump as cyclical commodities and related markets bounce per the plan for Q4 (and possibly into Q1).

I’ll start the list off with my own bullish headline from just yesterday so as not to be a party pooper. I’ve probably had a few others in recent weeks. Okay girls, let’s hear it! Rah rah…

Silver/Gold Ratio Still in Flag Breakout

Money Printing And Physical Demand Will Drive Gold Higher

Gold Investors Wrongly Fear The “COT”

All Systems Are Go

Precious Metals & Miners Prepare For An Early 2020 Liftoff

Will Gold Have Its Best Year Since 2010?

Gold Still has Months to Rally

Gold May Be On The Cusp Of A Big Upward Price Reset

Hi-yo Silver Away!

Santa’s Stockings Have Silver

The signs swirl all around us, so is the reset at hand?

 Tis A Gold Trifecta!!!

And this one just in (relevant because I bought it as it was just creeping into the breakout above the SMA 50)…

Royal Gold: A Massive Breakout (it’s not, but I do like the look of it)

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