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…as the fools they and their herd are.

People like me can criticize the likes of the 2 Bears/Golden Bullhorns, write about how dangerous to your financial health Jim “Mr. Gold” Sinclair is as he rallies his “Comrades in Golden Arms” to the slaughter and generally malign the worst of the gold bug “community” all we want, but still a large portion of the viewing public is going to disregard it as some guy making waves. No star power.

One day back in 2015 I ran into some of this mob and was summarily dismissed to his herd by something named Ed Steer. I don’t have the presence in the “community” to have any lasting effect, other than to maybe sway one or two people along the way.

Last week I was writing some posts about the gold and silver CoT situation after noting for weeks in NFTRH the gathering negative alignment.  One Ted Butler, a long-time sleuth into nefarious goings on in the silver market by JPM and others, sent me an email with his views and permission to publish, which I did.

Then somehow, this Ed Steer character – who has never heard of me nor nftrh.com, mind you – found Ted’s article “accidentally” posted here at the site and linked to it, advising the gold herd to skip the stuff from a supposed ‘analyst’ (ah, the dreaded ‘ ‘ around my descriptor) and go right to Ted’s excellent analysis of the CoT.

Ed Steer is a promoter.  GATA are promoters.  They promote an agenda that may or may not be materially valid, but you can promote things you truly believe in… again and again and again until those that the story resonates with simply go ‘all in’.  For many it has been 4 years and counting of ‘all in’.  I have had so many emails over these last 4 years telling me stories of woe about having followed promoters too far, and into personal hardship.

But on this 13th day of November, 2019 we finally have a big time gold bug speaking out at his website. Bob Moriarty writes at 321gold.com…

GATA Finally Admits Their Followers Are Manipulating Gold

If you like to blame anyone for manipulating the gold market, blame the followers of GATA who sold off millions of ounces of gold in a panic. They do the same thing every single time.

Go read the article and have hope that the sordid place called Goldbugville is finally changing, slowly but surely, for the better.

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