Media’s Mental Whipsaw in Gold and Silver

You can click the graphic to go to an article that will tell you why silver has room to run due to…

“Market participants have been missing gold’s upswings and are likely now expressing this through silver and, more recently, platinum as well,” said Joni Teves, a strategist at UBS.

Personally, I don’t buy that rationale for even a moment. Gold bottoms and turns up first, then silver and logically in this case, one of the more precious commodities, Platinum.

Then comes Gold’s big drop is just the beginning of a longer slide from Mark Hulbert. Mark trots out his trusty HGNSI, which illustrates gold bug newsletter over bullishness on the monetary metal. Combined with the latest CoT data Mr. H may well be onto something.

hulbert hgnsi

Finally, the 3rd article from the top graphic above has been retitled thusly after the jobs report…

Gold prices pop into positive territory after weaker-than-expected Friday jobs report

Ha ha ha, got to stay nimble, eh?

Anyway, just a little flavor of the precious metals media talk this morning for your review.

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