A Handle to be Installed on SSRM’s Cup

Hey, it occurs to me that I bludgeon you to death with macro ratio charts, indicators and theory while not so often publicly doing the thing I like best, which is nominal stock charts (they do appear weekly in NFTRH).

So let’s introduce a little bit of lighter fare to this macro nerd establishment. SSRM has been a core holding of mine since we had an NFTRH+ highlight on it back in December…

A Particularly Bullish Gold/Silver Miner

This was done as it was flirting with a breakout above 11.50.

As for today, there is the higher right side than left side I like to see on a Cup from which a Handle can form. Any downward consolidation (handle) toward 15 would be in keeping with a longer-term bullish situation. So as of now I’m still holding but preparing for that Handle.

Side note: As you can see I bought it well and then proceeded to give back every last red cent of paper profit on the subsequent early 2019 decline. It was one I’d chosen to hold even when the Golden Bullhorns wrecked the sector in February. Months later, it’s worked out pretty well.


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