TSX-V; An Important Market for the Times

It’s that old Canadian backwater, kicked to the curb since 2011. It’s the TSX-V. Why is AAU going up? Why are fellow crappers like the little silver bottle rockets I hold going up? Well, it’s not necessarily because of the ‘V’, but is sure does not hurt the case if Canada’s speculative playground gears up again. The trends are down, but CDNX tentatively took the … Continue reading TSX-V; An Important Market for the Times

World’s Most Frustrating Gold Stock Launches

You sit there and tap your fingers, waiting… waiting… waiting… while the sector explodes and your other stuff tacks on huge gains. Tap… tap… tap… And then finally the world’s most frustrating gold stock breaks the jigsaw thing its been doing over the last couple weeks and puts on 17% in a day with no news. You shake your head, smile a little and hope … Continue reading World’s Most Frustrating Gold Stock Launches

vs. SPY

An update of various US sectors vs. SPY. Daily charts are black and weeklies are green. A reminder that on these charts it is the trends that matter, not so much support/resistance or chart patterns. Daily Technology leadership took a positive turn last week, although Friday’s candle was actually flat. But it had a positive week overall. Everyone else holds the daily downtrend with Healthcare … Continue reading vs. SPY