Mother Russia Due a Date w/ the SMA 50

From the NFTRH Trade Log on 7.11…

“Finally cashing in a profit on Russia by selling ERUS, which will remain on watch going forward.”

I had actually caught myself looking at it, admiring it. “Sell!” demanded I to myself. As noted in NFTRH 560, I am far from any sort of expert on why to even be long Russia (it was mostly a chart thing, both nominally and in its relation to SPX/SPY).

But it got overbought and is now dutifully rolling over a bit to hopefully correct that. It’s been due a date with the SMA 50. Hey look, I can’t make every post about silver and/or gold, can I? Well yes I can, but then I find my own gold buggery getting too excitable and need to step away.


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