Reactionary Politics and Alt Reality Cults on Twitter

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So I try to participate a little more on Twitter because that is where the people are or at least the Twitterized versions of the people (guys, the gif memes can be cute but can you ease up on them just a little? pretty please? it’s overkill) are. I am learning little by little what makes Twitter run and what makes a popular tweeter (hint: it ain’t me because my content gets too involved and forces the viewer into an attention span greater than that of a gnat… it’s either that or I suck, which is also possible).

Anyway, I complained a lot in Q4 2018 about how some highly followed bears on Twitter were rousing the rabble about Jerome Powell going dovish as some sort of plot against the poor bears, when actually it was just the Fed robotically following the Treasury market’s signals. Thousands of likes and re-tweets for the rabble rousers and for my responses? Crickets.

Today I see a massively followed financial guy stirring people up because a democrat candidate wants to give away benefits to less privileged people at the expense of those who work hard to make a few extra bucks. Well two things… no shit Sherlock. The democrats are certainly going to align in such a manner as to be contrary everything Trump is about. This was just as the Trumpies aligned contrary to everything Obama was about.

So here we have a popular tweeter assembling his drones, harvesting likes and RTs and it’s business as usual out there in the alternate reality known as Twitter. A couple points to further this post, which will surely achieve less than 5 likes – if any – due to the fact that it is making layered arguments…

  1. If you back away from your dogma you see that Obama-era policy and the max political correctness of the time had to bring about a reaction like Trump because… balance. Now, I’d prefer that the balance be encapsulated within one leader and his/her administration rather than alternately ping ponging from pole to pole in each election cycle. But that brought about this and this is going to some day bring about that. Personally, I hate this and that.
  2. The fucking Fed created the disparity between rich and poor through decades of inflation, which is the bringer of disenfranchisement to those who work hard but more or less paycheck to paycheck. They cannot keep up, while asset owners – at the direct instigation of Fed policy – have layered on the wealth. So don’t tell me about how people who work hard to make a “little extra” money are hated by those who aren’t willing to work. It’s the wealthy beyond reason pigs who’ve been engorged by policy that people hate, you Twitter hero soundbite using gnat-like attention span grabber.

Twitter is filled with cults. Don’t get me wrong, there are some super high quality people out there sharing super high quality information. I find it very useful as I learn who to keep an eye on to dig up what I’d have wanted to dig up had I the time. But it’s also a fucking clown show out there with self-aggrandizers playing to their gnats.

But then again the Troll-in-Chief is doing it, so why not everyone else? From NFTRH subscriber and Twitter person Larry, who is one of the good ones by the way (we’ve met, as he’s local to me).