Okay, I have 8 minutes to look at markets…

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I have not got a clue what’s going on out there and have 12 8 minutes to take a look. I spent the day with my heart up in my throat as the site’s premium content was not lost, but not accessible as the current theme went haywire at the instigation of an unruly plugin.

We’re 100% resolved now but the funny part is that I’d changed the site’s theme (you might have seen it as it was live for about 15 minutes) and it worked well and looked really good. I was just deciding to keep it that way and then the site reverted to last night’s backup, which I’d been waiting all day for but was afraid it was going to fail.

Isn’t that the way life is? I had just decided I like the new site better and voila… it reverts back! Ha ha ha. I’ll see about switching back to the new version. You know what they say, out of disaster comes progress!