The Value That is NFTRH Premium

Hey look, I am not stupid. I know that the macro work that needs to be done in order to keep a bead on a cavalcade of different markets is not for everyone. Traders just wanna make coin after all, and they don’t tend to care how they do it or what the backdrop is behind it. Long, short, day trade, week trade, whatever.

But I guess there is a reason that NFTRH seems to have what an educated guess tells me is a much higher concentration of professionals like fund managers and CFAs aboard its subscriber base than many others. That reason is the need to manage a sensible portfolio through all market climates and the desire to have a service behind the scenes reliably doing a lot of work to make it so.

I look around and I see pure trading services or worse yet, pure charting services charging significantly higher fees than NFTRH’s value price that is less than a small regular per day at Dunkin Donuts. That will change, as I have the next increase planned for well before year-end (existing subscribers prior to any increase keep their current rate for life of course).

Anyway, this out of nowhere post is prompted by this part of an email I got today from a subscriber.

Thanks for the great subscription service, you’re underpricing it for sure!

Okay now, happy holiday and see you Sunday with NFTRH 553.

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