In the interest of fair reporting… TRXC

So yesterday I touted a great win (40%+) with Control 4’s big time upside on a buyout.

I was very smart.

Today I report to you a disappointing loss on TRXC (28%) after buying it recently on a downside gap fill.

I am very dumb.


As you know, I hate it when people (esp. gold community people) tout the good times but conveniently forget their stance when those times turn bad (so often from the point of max-tout). Men who stare at charts, report the bullish news with great vigor but then simply report the news of a turn in fortunes as a matter of technical routine (the chart did it, you know) are the worst. Dude, you reported the news when the chart was saying good things, and you pumped the herds. So stand up and take your fucking lumps, coward.

Anyway, I digress probably because I am in a sour mood. The saving grace here personally was that TRXC has been labeled a “story stock” (who’s story is sagging badly with no sales traction) and was a small position. CTRL is a real company that I thought was a value. That position was about 3 times larger.

Okay let’s move on. This post is actually pissing me off. :-(

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