Macro Tourist Outdoes Himself, Explains MMT (coming to an election near you)

I mean really, check this out from Kevin Muir.

Everything You Wanted to Know About MMT (but were afraid to ask)

MMT sounds to me like just another cult. In fact, I see – and insulate myself from – cults everywhere. The gold “community” cult, the Keynesian cult, the cult of Evil Fed/Jekyll Island, the cult of Socialist Nirvana and the other of Conservative dogma held so strict it loses its moral compass.

But I digress. Kevin fleshes out this new cult of economics, talks about inflation and freeing governments from the limitations of whatever our existing monetary system is.

It even includes this hilarious bit…

If I had told you four years ago that the following picture wasn’t a photoshop, you would have probably told me I was nuts.

But it’s serious business, having so many millions of people so pissed off. Ironically, the system under the supposedly socialist Obama was completely bent on making the rich richer and the poor poorer. Hence, the pic above.

Interesting stuff, anyway. Check it out.

We are definitely not in Kansas anymore.

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