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Trade Log & In-Day Notes

I’ve expanded the Trade Log’s focus to include more notes. The Log will generally state current tactical status once or twice a week and then document each day’s trades and notes, per the screenshot below. Reminder: NFTRH is certainly NOT a trading service, but a fulfillment of an individual subscriber’s request that I think adds value to the overall service. Now I want to bring … Continue reading Trade Log & In-Day Notes

vs. SPY

This weekend I expect that the rudder of the NFTRH ship, the Market Internals segment, is going to be very busy. Among so many macro indicators we’ll also take a look at key US market internal signals and specific inter-market relationships. So to make NFTRH 521 less busy, let’s do these general ‘Sectors relative to SPY’ charts here on the public site today. In the … Continue reading vs. SPY