Heading Home – By Scott R., My Favorite Goldbug & True Believer

Recorded circa 2002-2004, here is my friend Scott, a gold fund manager and true believer about the falseness of this economy and this society. He sings and plays everything and produced and engineered the whole thing to boot. Nice git fiddle solo, I might add.

I don’t hate gold bugs. I hate promoters with no soul.

I don’t hate Republicans. I hate lunatics whose jingoism assembles the masses in fascist unison.

I don’t hate Democrats… well, growing up in Boston and seeing too much of the old boy networks, maybe I do hate the firmly entrenched ones making industry of the poor huddled masses.

I love this country and admire people who genuinely do too. Republican, Democrat or like me… very independent.

I cannot stand people who do not think for themselves. I like Scott (and wish I were 1/4 the musician he is). :-(