This Company Has Better Numbers than Tilray at 1/25th the Price

Here during NFTRH’s 10th anniversary week it is interesting that one of our earliest subscribers, Frederick Lacy, has a well written and well researched article on the one Cannabis related stock I own, CV Sciences (CVSI).

Fred is one of my 3 (fundamental) Amigos watching over the junior precious metals miner patch, but he is also well versed in many other areas. Early on he pitched me on a complimentary NFTRH subscription for his views on individual stocks. It’s been a good trade for me over these last 10 years.

Fred does not often write publicly so I have never identified him beyond “Fred” or “Fred L”. But in the widely published article below his full name and company are credited.

As a side note, Fred is the one who called NFTRH the “best of breed” several years ago and coming from him, it meant a lot. In other words, the quote is real, not made up by me as a marketing jingle. And it comes from a knowledgeable source, obviously.

Anyway, check out this article on CVSI. Well done research.

This Company Has Better Numbers than Tilray at 1/25th the Price

It’s been a hard stock to hold (although I’ve traded ‘trading’ shares a couple times very successfully), but Fred’s research has helped me stay strong, especially during the Citron fiasco [edit] which actually worked to my favor in buying back, but the aftershocks were something to behold.

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