CTRL: Sometimes Good Things Happen

[edit] Perfect solution for me; take big profit on partial position (cutting it back down to size) and let the rest ride for a while.

So yesterday I had a fairly annoying day as MZOR disappointed the market on its earnings and dropped hard. I took a loss because I didn’t like management’s mealy mouthed words about future growth and whatnot. Not for a richly valued stock. REGN impressed the market on earnings and was rewarded. So that was good. But on balance, it was a down day as the modest gold stocks I hold were on their drive to the final indignity. With the stock market up I felt like a schlemiel.

I looked at CTRL and considered whether I should hold through earnings or not. I held for the chart and the view that it’s a well run company in an interesting niche. Thank Christ. Because if I’d have sold and woken up to this I’d be ready for a rubber room right now.

I’m not sure what I’ll do from this point, but sometimes good things do happen. I guess it’s good to remember that.


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