Monetary Metals: Weiner on His Game This Week

Keith Weiner’s reports, usually beginning with some macro commentary and ending with the supply/demand fundamentals of gold and silver, are posted each Monday over at Biiwii. Today it’s this one…

A Dire Warning, Report 29 July 2018

I think his tongue is somewhat in cheek with the title because he is not the type of gold bug to rouse the rabble, as is the tradition.

We know that at some point in the future, not tomorrow and not this year, but some point, the time for being a government creditor will be over. Their unpayable debt will come tumbling down, and with it the currencies backed by this debt.

But today is not that day. Today, we want to know when gold will have another run up. The price hit a high of $1365 in early April. Now it’s over $140 lower. That’s no fun (even for us).

We have documented the epic rise in the gold fundamental price (which continued to rise through the end of April) and then collapse back in line with the longer-term trend. Look at this graph:

You might want to check out the whole article, including Au & Ag fundamentals. This is a guy who writes about gold the right way; without hype, emotion or promotion. He knows gold is just a lump of stability. The time for that lump will come. But there are long stretches of time – like now – when it doesn’t.

By the way, I have no association with Keith Weiner whatsoever, other than permission to post his articles @ Biiwii.

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