The Life of a Penny Crapper

My personal portfolio has an ongoing drag in the form of several little mining stocks that have done virtually nothing but float sideways and down. Frankly, that is probably why I don’t go around touting performance, because the way I am doing this is not for performance oriented in any given sound bite-able time frame. These little POS’s can take years. Then I’ll tout.

Anyway, today was a very middling day with some annoying things going on in the general portfolio and some good things as well (ah, the life of a portfolio tweaker). But at least I had the little crapper Regulus, which was up a good bit to 2.10. Yay me!

End of day? Not so much.


Ha ha ha… let’s look into the situation a little closer, on a 30 minute chart. Look at all that (red) volume that took it down (that little tiny single red line). Where conveniently a couple buys were waiting. But if you look at the daily chart above it appears to have been a down day on relatively large volume (well, for REG, which gets almost no volume; hence it’s easily screwed with). You’ve got to wonder how many old boyz up there in Canada get rich off these little crappers without even trying just by rolling them over and over… over the years.

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