Sectors vs. SPY

It’s time again for a look inside US market sectors. Choosing your sectors is more important than ever right now, with currency, interest rate and potentially trade tariff sensitivity hard wired into the market, but constantly in motion.

The daily trends show the macro mix not to be helpful to Financials as interest rates declined during the little bout of risk ‘off’. Energy is hinting did not like the yield (and inflation expectations) decline either. Industrials and Materials got dope hammered by the tariff uproar, Healthcare maintained short-term but is in a gentle relative downtrend. The winner? As usual, technology.

The weekly trend breakdown continues in Financials and Energy maintains its ongoing downtrend as does Healthcare. Industrials and Materials are becoming pretty suspect and… there’s tech, motoring along.

There are several other angles by which we view the markets each week in NFTRH, but the above are generalities. Growth vs. Value for instance, is and has been zooming (perhaps to a flame out, but as of now it’s very bullish). Small Caps favor the strong dollar on a relative basis and on the negative side, there’s the aforementioned Semi sector.

Lots more internal views to boot. NFTRH does that each and every week in order to remain tuned with the macro backdrop from different angles and perspectives.

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