Longs Green, Shorts Green Too

It’s one of those days and actually, one of those weeks. My long portfolios are very green today and this week and so too is my short portfolio. Of course, I cried “no mas!” earlier in the week and booked a loss as I could not stand to see Tesla going up anymore with the CEO’s face looking at me from every other damn financial media promo article out there.

But my shorts are green and I would like to think that is for a reason. That is because all 3 shorts have everything to do with the single macro indicator – possibly a very early one – that has gone negative with respect to its implications on the market and economic cycle. I am not blabbing about it in detail here because subscribers need to have proprietary information routinely updated and at hand. But it’s been mentioned before and I am sure some public readers can guess what I am talking about.

But frankly – and speaking without hubris because I have made some goofy and downright foolhardy moves and non-moves this year – things are going very well with respect to my portfolios and their alignment to the macro view.

That could change tomorrow, but as of now I think our current operating plans are good ones.

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