Constructive Precious Metals Sector Views

To the extent that we’ve been managing the sector’s bounce potentials *, here are some items that look pretty good for a post-FOMC sector run, assuming it does not pop too much into FOMC. Gold and Silver CoT data look as though they’ve completed trends to a contrary bullish alignment and begun new ones to a contrary bearish alignment. But the sector rallies with that … Continue reading Constructive Precious Metals Sector Views


NFTRH; Buy ‘Inflation Expectations’? (med. priority)

I was reading this post from Kevin Muir and decided to look closer at the charts for the inflation expectations gauges, TIP/TLT and TIP/IEF. Below are weekly charts. They roughly mimic the Fed’s Breakeven Inflation rates, like the 10yr… The TIP/IEF view (TIPs vs. 7-10yr bond) looks especially interesting. Now, I would not go buying a chart pattern (bullish though it is) on a ratio … Continue reading NFTRH; Buy ‘Inflation Expectations’? (med. priority)