“Timing the Consensus Fade”

Kevin Muir writes about something that I have found to be true all too often. You can be very right in your thesis and yet still endure the sands of time waiting to be proven right. And then what happens? A whole host of momos, promoters and eyeball harvesters come in and steal your moment as they broadcast the situation to the masses and begin the whole damn process of turning a contrary play into “consensus” play. Ha ha ha… a thankless job, this contrarianism.

It is thankless because you spend long periods of time not yet being right and then when you are finally right the headlines grab the herd’s eyeballs. That is why the herd is the herd I guess. Momos can look right for longer periods of time tending the herd toward the cliff and then expertly slinking away and lay in wait for the next opportunity to promote (loudly), as the herd thunders over the edge.

Anyway, Kevin’s article, in which he is seeing some contrary setups but also expressing concern about that old bugaboo timing, is worth a read. If there is one thing I work on continually it is patience in the face of things I see clearly and thus have conviction about. But again, there’s this thing called timing and Kevin expresses this well.

Timing the Consensus Fade

Plus he’s got another one of those hilarious pics that only he seems to be able to find.

macro tourist

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