Speaking of Rational Gold Bugs… Keith Weiner: Inflation is Not Under Control

Keith Weiner talks about inflation and it is not your normal pap. Read the article (which includes his usual gold and silver fundamental readings as well) linked below and think about balances and offsets, yins and yangs and how there is an economic equilibrium that has been completely screwed with by central bankers. I mean, I think Keith gives the equivalent of a financial consciousness raising, where inflation is concerned.

Inflation is Not Under Control

If you were a doctor, and your deathly ill patient had a body temperature of 98.6F (37C), you would have to find another measurement tool. Clearly not all diseases cause a fever. Well, monetary doctors need to look past consumer price indices, inflation so called, and purchasing power of your assets.

I can’t recommend this article highly enough.

If you tell people that Keynes said to commit “euthanasia of the rentier”—i.e. kill the saver—everyone understands the malevolence of this. But if you say “long-term bull market”, most people think this is a good thing. Including asset owners and defenders of free markets.

The full article goes into mind boggling details but again, here is the balance he talks about. Casino patrons would see a stock bull market as a good thing, right? Well, we rabbit hole dwellers would see it as the manifestation of something that is compromised in the other direction. i.e. the result of manipulation. Insidious manipulation disguised as something else, at that.

Falling interest and yield is the same thing as rising asset prices and endless bull markets. Now, does that help you appreciate the genius part of Kenes’ evil genius? He did not propose hanging capitalists as some of his ideological brethren. Hanging is violent, messy, and those pesky capitalists fight back. No, he proposed a drug-poison. It causes euphoria while it destroys the vital organs. Its victims die with a smile on their sunken faces.

Anyway, check it out. The casino is not going to be a casino forever and at least understanding that will give you a leg up on the next patron.

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